We are Located at:

 400 C Line
Orangeville, Ontario Canada, L9W 3Z8
V: 519.942.8000
F: 519.941.6061

Our Building

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Welcome to Orangeville Hydro

*Important Information regarding Bill Correction for Water/Sewer Charges*
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**Orangeville Hydro Approved for a Rate Decrease for Residential Customers**


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Time-of-Use (TOU) Electricity Price Periods
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*When a holiday falls on a weekend, the next weekday (that is also not a holiday) is billed at the off-peak price.





This is the hyperlink to Energy Company Sales Click the image above to learn more about Energy Company Sales
Click the image above to learn more about Energy Company Sales

Orangeville Hydro Limited requires a Continuous Service Agreement from all landlords/property owners in order to continue service between tenants. If you have not returned the CSA sent to you earlier this year, the service will be disconnected between tenants until such time the agreement is received in our office.
Reconnection charges will apply prior to any service being reconnected.

Get Connected to a culture of conservation

Why is conservation important?
Conservation has an important role to play in meeting our power needs. Conservation reduces our environmental footprint by reducing the use of fossil fuels. It lowers energy costs and creates jobs in delivering related products and services. Conservation is also generally less expensive than building new generation.  By using electricity wisely, we can all better manage our electricity bills and help the environment at the same time.  Become a big part of the puzzle!

Mission Statement

To provide safe, reliable, efficient delivery of electrical energy while being accountable to our shareholders.....the citizens of Orangeville and Grand Valley.


To be acknowledged as a leader among electrical utilities in the areas of safety, reliability, customer service, financials and performance.